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Last Day ’til Blast Off

What’s a last day consist of? Tying up many loose ends, packing, making sure our bikes are in working order, and having a big family dinner.

photo 2

Look, Ma, we’ll be safe!

photo 4

Possibly the most important item to pack

photo 5

All packed up and ready to go

photo 3

Stetson and my new shower flip flops

With 35 lbs. of stuff and a 6:30am launch time, we’re just about ready to go.






Five Things We’ll Miss

As we rapidly approach our launch date, I have decided that rather than putting in long hours in the saddle, readying our bodies for the strenuous riding ahead, we should instead spend time we have left taking full advantage of the luxuries of home. We will miss them when we’re gone.

1. Baking/Cooking in a Real Kitchen: On Wednesday, having spent the previous day training in the Santa Ynez Valley, Sophie was ready to get after it again. “What do you want to do today?” she asked. “I want to do no physical activity whatsoever and make delicious baked goods,” said I. And so it was. We made jalapeno cheddar scones and a giant cheesecake.



Sorry I’m not sorry. Eating enough calories is an important part of a big bike tour and I’m choosing to practice for that part of the trip.

2. Netflix: Since we will have limited access to power outlets and internet while camping across the country, we are making the most of our time at home by binge-watching “House of Cards.”

3. Stetson: Though we joked at one point about taking him with us, we couldn’t agree who would pull his doggie trailer so he will have to stay behind. In the meantime, we’re trying to ensure that he won’t forget us by showing him lots of love (read: feeding him under the table).photo-12


4. Eating Kengberg’s Cooking: My mom, aka Kengberg, aka Concerned Mother #1, has been cooking up a storm, probably as a ploy to entice us to stay. Whatever the reason, we’ve been going to town.

5. Family: Though we hope that several of them will join us at select points along the way, we will miss our families while away on our ride.

T-Minus 2 Days: 35 lbs. of Stuff

It’s Monday and we’re leaving Wednesday, so at this point we really better have our stuff together.

We practiced packing up all our stuff and loaded it onto our bikes. Somehow we still have room to spare?



With our equipment weighing in between 30 and 35 lbs. each, including bags, tent, sleeping bags, etc., we’re feeling pretty good about that. Now we have 2 days to figure out what we forgot to pack….