Day 22: March 26, Marathon to Sanderson


Happy riding day

We had fresh legs when we woke up in Marathon for the second day and were excited to get back on the road. We stopped at our trusty local diner for another one of our power breakfasts, and went to town. 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, bacon and biscuits each, along with endless coffee = power. It wasn’t a very long day ahead of us, so we stopped every 15 miles or so to chat and reflect upon the endless miles of flat desert that we had been staring at, and kept on going.


This Canadian Tuxedo wearing gem stopped to ask about our trip and give us some local knowledge on the upcoming terrain

55 miles later when we got to Sanderson, our destination, it was only 2pm and we ran into our two bicyclist friends from earlier days, Frankie and Nate, at the only convenience store in town. We wound up eating Starbursts and shooting the breeze for 2 hours outside the market, while Frankie drank his customary recovery drink of a 32oz. Pepsi. We found our RV Park campsite, refused showers because they cost $3 each and that’s ridiculous, discovered that the shack down the street was actually a TexMex restaurant, jammed ourselves full whatever they gave us, watched “Parks and Recreation” off the RV Park wifi, and went to bed.


Frankie and Nate kept us entertained in the otherwise uneventful town of Sanderson