Day 29: April 2, Austin to La Grange

It’s so confusing getting back into the swing of things after taking a few days off. The alarm went off so early this morning, but we packed up and hit the road out of our Austin airbnb around 8:30. Today my mom and Virginia were going to spend the day hanging out and then drive to La Grange, our destination, to get dinner and see what we look like after a day of biking. They carried all our bags, which was incredibly luxurious for us.


Rolling out considerably lighter than usual

photo (6)

Fields of wildflowers

The first 25 miles or so were a dream. Once we cleared the outer Austin area, we were surrounded by fields of green grass, trees and wildflowers; it was the most nature we’ve seen since San Diego. One way there was a field of green grass and purply blue flowers, and on the other side the field was dotted with red and yellow flowers – much more exciting to look at all day than the desert. But sure enough the wind started whipping in our faces and the hills started, and we were extra glad to not be shlepping all of our stuff with us. Every day find ourselves wondering aloud, can the wind really keep doing this the whole way across the country?


One of the many nature sightings today

We were in sour moods when our motherly visitors drove up along side, about 5 miles outside of town. They said they would go on ahead because there was a bakery with some Czech delicacy that we just had to try, so we met them at a cute little cafe in town where we each downed multiple iced teas and lemonades. They also brought us some seriously delicious BBQ from Salt Lick, which they’d had for lunch, and we all huddled at a picnic table for dinner and dessert. It was an excellent ending to a not-so-excellent day of biking!


Having a cobbler moment