Day 33: April 6, Silsbee to Kirbyville

We had serious hopes of crossing the Louisiana border this day. We really wanted to make it happen. The weather, unfortunately, had something else in mind, and when we woke up this Sunday morning the sky was dark and there was heavy rain predicted that morning. Fortunately the RV Park where we were staying had a dreamy community center with a full kitchen and a big TV with two heavenly recliner chairs in front. It was a bit like this:

recliner chairs

Click on the picture to watch the scene

By the time we left Silsbee at 2pm we had eaten an entire loaf of bread and most of a block of cheese, oatmeal and most of a box of raisins, and about 6 cups of coffee while watching 2 episodes of Sportscenter and 3 episodes of Friday Night Lights. It was a splendid morning. But then we figured we’d better get on the road so we could  make it to Louisiana, so we put on all our reflective gear and headed down the highway.

But then, sure enough, it started raining and then it started pouring. The next and last town in TX was Kirbyville, and in the midst of a developing monsoon we frustratingly had to end our day prematurely and take cover in the one and only motel in town. So 30 miles and $45 later we safe and dry and on the hunt for food. There were only 2 options that were open because it was Sunday, and Jenny’s Fried Chicken got rave reviews.

Since we were getting fried chicken, we thought we’d health it up with some veggie sides. Between the two of us we got 2 orders of fried chicken, 2 orders of broccoli, a baked potato and rice and beans. 20 minutes later the waitress brought over a gigantic platter with paper plates filled with various colors of fried things and a huge potato smothered in sour creme and bacon bits. No broccoli to be found. Madeleine pointed to some mysterious fried nuggets and asked “what’s that?” The waitress said “yeah, that’s your broccoli.” What?? I took a bite: cheese sauce with miniscule specks of green bits (must be the broccoli), battered and deep fried. Broccoli.


Post broccoli bite reaction


The rest of our meal

That night it dumped buckets and buckets and we were very glad to not be in a tent.