Day 48: April 21, Pine Mountain to Peachtree City, GA

This weekend we have a wedding to go to in Peachtree City, and my older sister lives in Atlanta, just 30 miles away. So we made our schedule to arrive in Peachtree City on Monday, leave our bikes at the bike shop to get some maintenance done, be picked up by my sister and hang in Atlanta for a few days before returning for the wedding! Mission: Accomplished.


This is how excited we were to give our biking muscles a rest for 6 whole days

We only had 50 miles to ride, but having a hearty breakfast makes every difference in the world so we went into the town of Pine Mountain and did that. The daily special was another example of the benefits of small town dining: an enormous breakfast and unlimited coffee for $3.50. As always we stuck out like sore thumbs in our full body biking spandex outfits, so the other patrons asked us all about what we were doing. Everywhere we’ve gone, strangers are universally curious, kind, and send us off with genuine well wishes. This morning, we were sent off with our first foot-in-mouth quote: “Y’all don’t go and let yourselves be hit by cars now!” We laughed uncomfortably and got on our way.

Western Georgia is beautiful! And we had perfect weather to crank out the miles, and before 2pm we cruised into Peachtree City via local highways and the extensive golf cart pathway system. The guys at the bike shop were confused/curious about why we’d brought so much luggage into their shop, but promised to take good care of our beloved bikes and my sister arrived to whisk us away! It’s like dropping the kids off at the babysitters: no bike worries for many lovely days.