Days 26 – 28: March 30 – April 1, Hanging in Austin

Concerned Mother #1 (Mad’s mom, Karen) arrived first, followed shortly by Concerned Mother #2 (my mom), and we spent a few days exploring Austin, where none of us had been before. We were joined for part of it by Virginia, who I am somehow related to through various marriages (step-aunt-in-law?) and who is an Austin native. She showed us the inside scoop which undoubtedly led to a more interesting and authentic experience than we would have otherwise had.


We got Madeleine new shades that, preciously, match those of her mother quite nicely


We got smarter at the LBJ Library and saw a super cool exhibit about the ’60s


We posed for our portrait at the Botanical Gardens


Concerned Mother #1, Concerned Mother #2, and our most excellent hostess and tour guide, Virginia


Overlooking the city from the West side

We finished up our stay in Austin with a fun evening out for some local beers and food. All in all we had a great time, and next are antsy to finish up Texas!