Days 49-51: April 22-24, Atlanta!

My sister, Marisa, has lived in Atlanta for about 10 years and I had somehow never managed to come visit. Ridiculous, but we were excited to be able to schedule in a few days to see what she does and where she does it! Here are the excellent ways we filled our 3 days in Atlanta:

  • Woke up each morning and had 2+ cups of coffee without having to rush to get on our bikes and ride all day
  • Had toast, made in a toaster, which is not available at our campsites
  • Sampled the local beers, a big time hobby of ours, which turned out to be delicious
  • Went to see the Atlanta Braves play, which turned out to be a boring game but very fun nonetheless
  • Cook! In a kitchen! And not on a camp stove!
  • Madeleine joined Pintrest, on the influence of Marisa, and the two of them went to town
  • Home improvement projects, including putting wheels on a table of Marisa’s
  • Made ourselves look like people again: haircuts and pedicures
  • Watched many episodes of Scandal, our not-so-secret-but-kind-of-embarrassing tv fix
  • Snuggled with Hazel, Marisa’s adorable little doggie



Popcorn, beer and an impressive photo bomb in back


An addition to a local brewery that will be in our next home

All in all it was a grand few days, we had a great time exploring all of Atlanta’s neighborhoods and getting to see Marisa’s digs!