Days 79-81: May 22nd-24th, Avon By The Sea, NJ

Continuing our crawling pace, all we had to do on the morning of the 22nd was bike most of the length of New Jersey to Avon By The Sea, NJ, before taking another few days of rest&relaxation. Back in the early days of college, Madeleine was adopted by the Gallagher family, a most excellent group of people, and they so kindly invited us to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend with their extended family in Avon. We arrived to find a welcome package laid out for us, complete with a chilled bottle of champagne and 4 beers, and before long the whole family has assembled for a weekend of fun.

On Saturday morning I participated in what must have been the most populated event in all of Jersey, the Spring Lake 5 Mile Run. This is exactly what it looked like the entire time:


Other highlights included eating taylor ham sandwiches for the first time, sleeping in, having the “best sausage pie in all of North Jersey… all of Jersey… the whole country!”, homemade family fish dinner, hanging out with our new favorite toddlers, and generally getting caught up on what’s been happening in the non bike riding world.


Our welcome package