T-Minus 7 days: 50 Miles in Wine Country

About 40 miles North of Santa Barbara is a strange little Danish town called Solvang. It’s up in the Santa Ynez Valley, home to a ton of Southern California wineries, and long winding roads perfect for a training ride! So we headed up there bright and early in perfect weather for a 50 mile loop through wine country.


At the first stop, Kalyra Winery, 6 miles in

There were a whole lot of steep hills on this ride, 3200 feet in all:


Madeleine climbing up and up

photo 1

Stopping for some oranges 26 miles out

We each rode with 20 lbs of Coors Light and Bud Light to weigh us down:


When it’s too gross to drink…

It sure was pretty:

photo 4

More of them hills

And at the end of it all we got some Danish pastries back in Solvang:


Moments before this we were approached by missionaries, but we were on a mission for pastries

And popped into a couple stores in town:

photo 5

A store full of singing clocks. Seriously.